Between 1992 and 2001, there was a series of tax research conferences and workshops. Out of these events, informal contacts were made which resulted in the formation of the Tax Research Network. Those early conferences and workshops were supported by the P.D. Leake Trust (a charity associated with the Centre for Business Performance of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and Warwick Business School. Since 2002, continuing grant support from the P. D. Leake Trust, as well as the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, the Chartered Institute of Taxation and the IFA Congress Trust, makes possible a range of continuing Tax Research Network activities, and in particular, our annual conference.

Academic tax research can be an isolated activity; researchers are spread very thinly across business schools, law faculties, economics departments and beyond. Activities and events that bring this dispersed group together for co-operative, constructive research are very valuable indeed. The tax researchers who have participated in these events are grateful to the sponsors for enabling them to meet and discuss their research in progress and ideas for future research.

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ProfessorJane Frecknall-Hughes – University of Hull  Email

Vice Chairs

Dr Dominic de Cogan University of Cambridge  Email

Lynda Burkinshaw –  University of Sheffield  Email     

Secretary and Web Manager

Sam Hart –  University of Birmingham  Email  Web


Professor Penelope Tuck –  University of Birmingham


Steering Group

The steering group consists of the Executive (above) and the following :

Professor Rebecca Boden University of Roehampton

Professor Lynne OatsUniversity of Exeter Email     

Professor Kevin Holland Cardiff University Email     

Professor John HasseldineUniversity of New Hampshire   Email

Professor Lynn Hodgkinson – Bangor Business School, University of Wales, Bangor Email  Web

Dr Simon JamesUniversity of Exeter  Email

Professor Andrew LymerBirmingham University  Email

Dr Emer Mulligan National University of Ireland, Galway

David Massey – University of Central Lancashire  Email

Sara Closs-Stacey – Bangor Business School, University of Wales, Bangor  PhD Student Representative